Women's Circle Experiences

Practical exercise to present the Women's Circle to new groups, which can include men and women and cover a variety of topics. Ideal for businesses, schools, work teams, special dates, awareness activities during events, among others. Course load: 3 hours.


Women's Circle Training Course

The Women's Circle Training Course aims to equip health professionals, occupational therapists, social assistants and others to apply the Women's Circle methodology, training them to offer workshops in their communities supervised by the Arcana Institute. Course load: 220 hours.


Large-Scale Women's Circles

Held in weekends, these meetings offer the Women's Circle team a chance to get together with professionals from various areas, like psychology, health, art and others. On these occasions, the teams take part in professional development workshops to share experience and learn new concepts and practices that can be added to the Women's Circle methodology


Women's Circle Study Group

Weekly meetings in which the Women's Circle team gets together to read about and discuss matters of methodology, supervision and follow-up of ongoing workshops.

Other activities


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