Arcana Institute is a Brazilian Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that operates in the Federal District and the states of Goiás and Tocantins. Formed by actresses, art therapists, psychologists and educators, it was founded in 2005 in Brasilia/DF with the mission of offering human development activities that mainstream art into different areas, like gender, culture, education, health and psychology, especially for women.


Arcana Istitute is known for its sociocultural interventions, which use art and creativity to drive personal growth and change the way people think, recognizing that thoughts stuck in patriarchal and excluding patterns give rise to violence and inequality.


Ever since it was created to assist low income women, the Institute's main project has been the Women's Circle Program. Its goal is to contribute to women's empowerment and comprehensive health (social, physical and psychological) through workshops that use art therapy to guide expressive self-knowledge processes.

Other projects developed by the Institute include the Women on Stage Festival and Women on Stage in Schools Exhibit, which promote and value art produced by women by helping to share and publicize their work. Arcana also offers activities in its own premises, like the Female Studies Group, which is open to the public.


See vídeo.

ARCANA - The Institute


Instituto de Arte & Desenvolvimento Humano

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