The Women's Circle was born of a desire to extend self-knowledge through art to women with little or no access to therapeutic activities. In 2004 a group of female artists and therapists started getting together to create a methodology that would later be applied in groups of low income women of the Federal District.


The program began in 2005 with the aim of encouraging women from a same community to share experience and strengthen their social and affective ties, thereby contributing to their overall health by addressing their biopsychosocial wellbeing. Different means of expression and art form the basis of this art therapy.


Like any other therapy, art therapy is meant to help people elaborate their sense of who they are and how they fit into the world.  The difference is that the language used is art—like plastic arts, theater and dance—which puts individuals in direct contact with their creative freedom and emotions.


Considering that the human mind is symbolic and moves through an eternal creation of images that arise constantly, changing and creating new meanings for our lives, art therapy proposes experiencing those images by expressing them.

The program is divided into the following activities:
• Women's Circle Workshops
• Women's Circle Experiences
• Training course for Women's Circle multipliers
• Support and continued education for Women's Circles multipliers




Técnicas em arteterapia



Instituto de Arte & Desenvolvimento Humano

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