Women's Circle Workshops are the program's main activity. Their goal is to provide an exercise in creativity, self-knowledge and recognition of the scope of the concept 'Comprehensive Women's Health'. Each meeting provides contact with a different topic of the female universe (self-esteem, violence against women, disease prevention and sexuality, among others), working through creative expressions like circle dancing, scenic arts, sowing, storytelling and plastic arts.


Workshops are divided by age range, as described below:


• Young Women's Circle Workshop
Audience: Young women aged 15 to 25
• Mature Women's Circle Workshop
Audience: Women aged 25 to 60
• Wise Women's Circle Workshop
Audience: Women aged 60 and older

Course load:
When offered in the Federal District, 36 hours
When offered outside the Federal District, 18 hours

Topics addressed in the workshops:

​• The Female Body: anatomy, self-image, personal care, recognition of the monthly cycle (menstruation, ovulation and PMS) and body awareness.
• Women's Health: menopause, disease prevention (breast cancer, sexually transmitted diseases - STDs and AIDS) and preventive exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor.
• Self-knowledge: self-esteem, inner wisdom, dreams, intuition, imagination, creativity, stages of female development, among others.
• Violence against women: relationships, active voice and boundaries in relationships, types of violence and how to act in situations of violence.
• Women in the world: history of women in society, patriarchy, gender equality, among others.





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